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Top 5 Tried and Tested Tips And Tricks To Actually Get Heard On Soundcloud

Do you want to be heard on SoundCloud? If yes, then follow a few techniques given below to achieve your goal. Other then these techniques you can attract more and more listeners to your tracks by buying SoundCloud plays. Who hears you on SoundCloud is somehow related to your content, and the interest of your SoundCloud followers. However, SoundCloud provides a platform for beginners to show their music skills, to gain popularity by winning the hearts of the audience.

There are distinct tools available on SoundCloud; by using them effectively you can amplify the counts of people who heard you. Not only this, but they will also enhance your followers and project rating.

Boosting Techniques to Get the Music Heard on SoundCloud

Tag for Triumph

Do you want to be easily discoverable on the SoundCloud? No worries, an appropriate tag will make you discoverable within any time. Better tag is directly proportional to the easy access of you.

Honesty is the key to success. Try to be honest in your profession, if you generated a classic track then make sure to set the main genre classic rather than to hype it. As it depicts how much you are loyal to your audience. If you want to make your track look fancy then add moods and location. It will help your followers to reach the desired plays easily. 

Try to make your tags precise and vivid. 

Album Art

Your track artwork matters a lot. Album art plays a vital role in the promotion of your music. It’s like the cover page of the book which attracts the customers rather than the original content. You can say it’s your first impression which you will build on an individual. To make your album art look more amazing and attractive use JPG or PNG, use that one which suits you more. This feature will increase the number of people who heard the track. Because people mostly attract towards beauty.

Top 5 Tried and Tested Tips And Tricks To Actually Get Heard On Soundcloud

Share your Music Tracks Unofficially Before Releasing Them Down

A secret of attracting more followers is by sharing your incomplete tracks with the bloggers, television, or on your official page that will arouse curiosity in the people. After the release of the track, people will listen to the song more rapidly than they do before. Mostly people repost the track, after liking it.

It is very easy to share the track privately on the SoundCloud. You just have to upload the music track and then set it to private mode. After this you will see your novel private URL.

And one more thing, you can make your private track sensitive at any time.

Do Amendments in the Track Without Losing Sweet Comments

After releasing the track, you see some comments which gave you an effective advice. After reading the comments you realized that you miss some tunes. You want to do amendments but you don’t want to lose comments and likes. No worries, because Sound Cloud allows you to do changes by using the Pro subscription. With pro subscription you easily make changes without the fear of losing comments. In this way people will listen to your tracks more, because you considered their suggestions.

Top 5 Tried and Tested Tips And Tricks To Actually Get Heard On Soundcloud

Maintain the Quality of Your Work

If you will maintain the quality of your work, instead of making crap music one after another people will love your work. By focusing on this factor you can increase your followers within no time. People will even download your amazing tracks to listen to them in offline mode.


In a nutshell, share music more frequently to engage your SoundCloud followers but don’t share bad-quality music. Keep consistency in your work, you will get success gradually on not only SoundCloud but, all social media platforms.


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