What Is A Jitter Click? Can Having Good Jitter Click Score Make You A Good Gamer?

Jitter click:

A clicking technique which allows the gamers to click on the mouse quickly that is with more speed.

This technique is mostly used by gamers as they require more clicking speed than a normal person. It allows the professional gamers a burst of clicks over a short period.

Mostly, the practice of jitter clicking is done by gamers when they require a burst of clicks to win the game like Farmville etc. And due to this, a new game has been launched by the name of “clicker game”, this will test the speed of clicking. Moreover, it also helps the gamer in amplifying their clicking speed. Not only is this, but also over time, clicking games ranked among the top competitive digital sport category.

Furthermore, players and professional gamers try their best to win the clicking completion to get the highest rank. So, due to the large interest of gamer’s audience in the clicking games, diverse range has been recently i.e. click per minute, click per second, and many more.

Jitter clicks procedure:

For jitter click test, a gamer/individual puts a tension on the muscle of their arm, which transmits waves of vibration to the finger, and the outcome is in the form of a burst of multiple clicks. Moreover, this fact should always be in the mind of the player that it is not an easy technique and requires a lot of practice.

In most of the cases, an individual gets injured while practicing jitter clicks. So, to avoid any injury, the person should focus on hand spasms. Although, it only involves the technique of hand vibration, once you get pro in controlling it; you will become a pro!

Just like in all other games, at first, you will find difficulty in clicking at a particular place. But with continuous practice, you will become an expert in the jitter clicking technique.

Jitter click and a good gamer:

As this technique is solely based on increasing the click ratio per minute so, obviously with an increase in click per minute then in return the chance of winning increases. Mostly this technique is used in games like pubg, arcade, shooting games. So, if you are an expert in jitter click, then obviously you will be among the top 3.  Not only this, expert in this technique and professional player is directly related to each other. In the world of games, you cannot ignore the importance of jitter click.

Injuries and jitter click:

As we know that clicking games are in trend now a day, gamers should not leverage on any technique more aggressively. Because most of the time, these sort of clicking games tends to cause serious physical injuries. Even arthritis has been reported due to the long term practice of these clicking games. Not only this, but also other serious joint issues have been reported by various people.


In a nutshell, practice clicking games and jitters but moderately as excess of everything is bad.






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